Washington High School, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish

It takes a village to raisIndian WHSe a child, Washington High School took a tribe and did a service to their community , state and country. They were well respected as fierce competitors in all aspects of education and athletics. The school provided the framework and launching point for students for nearly two decades. Please share their success story by viewing their year books and documents.

One thought on “Washington High School, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish

  1. I am a proud 1977 graduate of Washington High School formally located in Calcasieu parish in the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana. This wonderful school was like a home away from home to me. I was a member of the National Honor society and the mighty marching band. I learned incredible social skills and organizational skills at this amazing school.
    It prepared my to attend a 4 year university where I received my bachelor of science degree in medical technology. With this degree I started working the very next day after graduation from the university.
    I am still working for the same hospital 37 years later.
    Because of the incredible zest for education and achievement that was instilled in me at Washington High school , I am currently working in the capacity of Administrative assistant director of pathology in the hospital’s laboratory.
    I am proud of the hundreds of thousands of people’s lives that I have helped to make much better and the contributions I have made to my community. None of this would have been possible without Washington high school preparing me to strive for the best @

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