Chaneyville High School, Zachary, Louisiana



History of Chaneyville High School

Chaneyville High School did not just happen. At first it was in the minds of a group of community citizens who knew the importance of education. Among the foresighted founders were Mr. George Hughes Sr., Mrs. Martha Ann Hughes, Mr. Bennie Carter, Mrs. Sarah Carter, and Mr. Willis Burrell. Mrs. Alice Burrell, Mr. Albert Bennett, Mrs. Mary Joe Bennett, Mr. Simmie Catherine, Mrs. Lillie Catherine, Mr. Charlie Whitley, Mrs. Viola Whitley, Mr. Wiley Williams, Mrs. Betty Williams, Mr. Ellis Square, Mrs. Dafiney Square, Mr. Colman Watson, Sr. and Mrs. Martha Colman. There were many others too numerous to name. These parents were way ahead of their times. When the school became crowded they hired an aide to assist the teacher. This aide’s name was Mrs. Elisa Sanford.

Chaneyville School had its beginning late in the 19th century at Philadelphia Baptist Church. Mr. James Johnson Bailey Chaney donated one acre of land for the school site, therefore, they named the school, Chaneyville. The building was a one- room structure. Mrs. Almenia Green was the first teacher.  She taught many of the present student’s grandparents. The second teacher was Mrs. Fannie D. Sanford, the third teacher was Mrs. Callie Chase, the fourth teacher was Mrs. Cornelius Sanford and the fifth teacher at this site was Mrs. Mary Parker. By the time she became principal the enrollment had increased so greatly that the parents had to hire an aide, Mrs. Elisa Sanford. In the late 18th century, a committee of parents went to the school board and asked to have the school moved to a more central location. Most of the children lived in the location of our present site. The request was granted and the late Mr. George Hughes, Sr. known as Wheeler Hughes, sold land. The parents donated $25.00 each to build the one-room structure. There were outside privies, one for boys and one for girls. The first teacher at this site was Mrs. Rosetta Davis Scott. She was an energetic young lady who instilled many basic concepts for better citizenship. The school spirit was a really a part of her students. They organized a softball team and played with the students of Eastern Star. They would beat them every time, and oh how she and her students would sing “Oh, Chaneyville is red hot”. Mrs. Hattie Davis, the teacher of Easter Star, did not take time out to practice for the game. There was no physical education period. All time was used for academic work.  Most of the children stayed in at recess to get their work so they would not get a ‘whipping”. They made up a song chanting, “Oh, we can beat you learning”. Later the parents went down to the school board to request another room addition to their building. This request was granted. They were successful in getting the Rosenwald Fund and another room was added. The outside privies remained.

Mrs. Rosetta Davis Scott was transferred to her home community to teach at the Davis and Dyer School. Therefore, her last year was session 1925-1926.  Mrs. Eola Harrison came for session 1926-1927. This was graduation for the 7th grade. Among the students who graduated was Colman Watson, Jr., Burch Carter and Rosa Shanklin. Mrs. Morrison was a very strict teacher who required respect and dignity at all times. Mrs. Aslee Stevenson Eames joined Mrs. Morrison when the addition was made to the school. Mrs. Morrison was transferred. And Mrs. Mattie Huey Clark became principal. Miss Delphine Riley and Miss Beatrice Davis taught until session 1933-1934. Mr. Randall “Butch” Field and Miss Hazel Carter became the teachers for session 1934-1935. When Mr. Field was transferred, Mrs. Lizzie Barnes took his place.

There were more additions made to the two-room structure. An agriculture teacher and a home economics teacher were added. The school became a junior high school.  Mr. Lewellyn Whitlow was the agriculture teacher hired and Miss Marguerite Huddleston was hired as the home economics teacher. Mr. Whitlow became the principal. When Mrs. Huddleston was transferred Mrs. Emma Glen became the second home economics teacher.

In 1942-1943 session, Mrs. Mary Jane Hughes Shanklin and Mrs. Mamie Camille Mack Burrell were added to the faculty. Mr. Whitlow was transferred to St. Joseph, Louisiana after session 1942-1943. Mr. Harold Frazier became principal and Mr. William M. Lockhart, Sr. became the agriculture teacher. Before the session was completed Mr. Lockhart became the principal. Many changes occurred and many extra activities were added because the principal was young, energetic and ready.

Chaneyville School remained at his site until 1950-1951 session. The school left the Reames Road at Jackson Road location and moved to the present site. The corner acreage was traded to Mr. Virgil Womack. Another ten acres were purchased. Ten more acres were purchased and a new gymnasium was built. The school site increased to 22 acres. Additional rooms were added and the school was expanded from K-12 grades. Chaneyville High School became the first high school on the northern end of East Baton Rouge Parish. Children from Northwestern Junior High School transferred to Chaneyville High School to complete their high school education. The first graduation class was in 1953. Mrs. Gloria Chapman and Mr. Jessie Chanbliss were sponsors. The sponsors of the second graduation class in 1954 were Mrs. Mary Jane Shanklin and Mr. Robert Yancey. The 1979 graduation exercise was the 26th graduation at this school site.




Chaneyville High School Year Books

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