Booker T. Washington High School, New Orleans, Louisiana, Orleans Parish


BTW Lions

     The story of two schools, one in New Orleans, the other in Shreveport, the story of two Lion siblings caught at the crossroads of migration and integration, the dreams of two men, Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald, came to fruition in an enormous way. Both were successes. The Lions in New Orleans were established in 1942. Many accomplished artisans in a wide range of fields walked through its hallways with the world at its door steps. The Lions dared to take the step and the rest is history. Part of their development can be glimpsed by viewing the Lion’s lair. Three yearbooks from the early to mid-1950’s are displayed to show their origins and their prowess.

Chaneyville High School, Zachary, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish


Cheneyville High dragon

  Mythical dragons were interested in gold. The Chaneyville High School Dragons were gold seekers as well. A goal short of first place was not tenable. The Dragons were fiery fierce competitors. Their beginnings were in community churches and donations of land and money were expectations of the times. The community was very generous and the Dragons thrived. The Dragons were a proud group and they had dreams and accomplishments. This web site is enriched by the golden addition of the Chaneyville High School Dragons.

Union Central High School, Columbia, Louisiana, Caldwell Parish

panther mascot

Union Central High School, Columbia, Louisiana, Caldwell Parish    The origins of Union Central  High School is a testament to the foresight and the determination of a group of African Americans who valued education. It’s beginnings were traced to the late 1800’s when church and community schools formed the backbone of a healthy civic support system. The various schools consolidated , hence, Union Central High School was established. Its first high school graduate was in 1937. The Panthers endured and thrived until they were closed with the advent of integration. Their story is our story.

Richwood High School, Monroe Louisiana, Ouachita Parish

Richwood High School

Richwood High School, Monroe Louisiana, Ouachita Parish     They were “Ram Tough” from their origins, and after a brief hiatus, they exist today. The Rams entered the football scene with competitiveness and fierceness not realized in Louisiana high school football. Their ferocity continues today. Their initial entry onto this site is their 1974 yearbook. More information regarding the Rams will be presented later.

St. Paul Baptist Church-Moorehead Public School

St. Paul Baptist Church-Moorehead Public School of Kinder, Louisiana has been added to the National Register of Historic Places portion of the website. This Allen Parish grade school never became a high school, but has been added to the site to provide details about African American education before high school.  Until the establishment of many of the high schools on this site, most education occurred in the church.  1-3 teachers would teach multiple grades in the church pews. This church provided an educational foundation for Kinder’s Carver High School. The 1919 church still stands today alongside the newer church building constructed in the 1960s.

Historical Marker

While much of the information can be found in the Register Write Up, more information can be found in through the Carver High School List of Schools by Parish page.  In many ways, the information obtained from the alumni is stronger. Only by reading the NHRP write up and the Carver High School history side by side can the reader obtain a full spectrum of the education of the Kinder, Louisiana community. The government resource provides a surface understanding of the educational developments in Kinder, Louisiana.

This accentuates the importance we place in compiling and sharing the history of African American High Schools in Louisiana.


Eula D. Britton High School, Rayville, Louisiana, Richland Parish

dragon 1964 cover

Eula D. Britton High School, Rayville, Louisiana, Richland Parish    The 1964 Dragons  had ideas of greatness and they did succeed at making an impact upon the high school scene in basketball. A golden championship pleased the Dragons and their followers. Their roar extended beyond the time of their reign. Another year book from 1964 was added and this one was gilded in gold. The Dragon reveals itself.


Walter L. Cohen High School, New Orleans, Louisiana, Orleans Parish

Hornet Green

Walter L. Cohen High School, New Orleans, Louisiana, Orleans Parish     Cohen High School has three year books posted from the years immediately preceding their closing.  The years, 1969, 1967 and 1965, were remarkable because of the extensive portrayal of a student body engaged in all aspects of high school life. They leave a trail  scattered with aspirations, pride and hope for the future. There is much to be learned by viewing their site. The Green Hornets make a lasting impression. We feel their lost.

Louisiana High School Desegregation Cases

Louisiana Parishes and School Boards have had to deal with school desegregation cases since 1952, when John Hall submitted a case against the St. Helena Parish School board. This case was finally closed this past March 2018, when St. Helena Parish School board achieved its “unitary status”. We have a “Parish Desegregation Status Matrix” from Tulane University’s Cowen Institute For Public Education Initiatives which shows the status of the cases in August 2010. We also have information on a few parishes who have achieved the goal of “unitary status” since the Matrix was built.  The court cases are the beginning of the end for most of the African American High Schools in Louisiana.  The desegregation case section can be found in the HISTORY section of the SIGNIFICANT NOTES.