Audrey Memorial High School, Creole,LA

Audrey Memorial High School will forever be remembered in Louisiana high school history because it will forever be associated by name with a catastrophic flood of gigantic proportions. Three Hurricane year books, 1961, 1963 and 1964 were added to the site. On viewing each there does appear to be individuals missing in the upper classes. They were smaller than usual.

Coach Eddie Flint, St. Augustine High School, New Orleans, LA

Coach Eddie Flint was a multitalented youth who attended Xavier Preparatory High School. Equally at ease in all major sports, he excelled in football and basketball in high school. He fortuitously became quarterback of his high school team after observation of his skills by his high school coach during touch football in physical education class. After change of position from tight end to quarterback, he retained the position extending into his college career at Xavier University. He was a guard on his high school basketball team as well. Upon graduation he became the football coach at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. His teams were the epitome of excellence. His teams won three Louisiana Interscholastic Athletic and Literary Organization State Football Championships and after integration continued the rampage into the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. He is recognized as one of the top coaches in the nation and he was enshrined in the Louisiana High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame.

Arthur Welch, Jr. Interview

Arthur Welch, Jr., the space pioneer, was emblematic of a purposeful, driven life of fulfillment in the possibilities for African American high school graduates who were destined to succeed. Listen to his story about how he played in the high school band in the homecoming parade followed by two-way play on the football field, marched at half time and returned to his team for the second half. There was no way this man could be prevented from succeeding. He fulfilled his destiny. The man on the moon did not get there by himself.

“Not the Only One”, Legacy of Dr. Kirk Clayton

Kirk Clayton was a rare sprinter. We were fortunate to witness an individual who was committed to achievement, both, on the track and off the track. Dr. Kirk Clayton persevered and one of his enduring accomplishments was the “spark” to ignite this website. The inquisitive Dr. Clayton asked a question when he was enshrined into the Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame. Where are the other athletes from the Louisiana Interscholastic Athletic and Literary Association (L.I.A.L.O.)? He answered the question by exclaiming, “I was not the only one. There were other great athletes”.

In his honor this webpage displays some of his high school accomplishments.

The Jacket

A symbol of accomplishment and school pride is best exemplified by the varsity school jacket. The school’s name with a letter to denote its origin was enshrined upon the school’s colors. If there were major accomplishments, these were emblazoned on the sleeves. The jackets signified manhood or womanhood in many sports. Usually, the star athletes or their girlfriends were the wearers. Some of the jackets are displayed here.

The Panther, 1951, W. O. Boston High School, Lake Charles, LA

The Panther

The earliest edition of “The Panther” 1951 is added to this site. This 1951 edition of “The Panther” documents early achievements of W. O. Boston High School in the mid-twentieth century. A vibrant campus life with a supportive faculty and nurturing faculty is depicted. “The Panther “, the life of W. O. Boston High School springs forward in an energetic pictorial display.

W. O. Boston School, Lake Charles, LA

Rings of Honor: The Schools We Attended

The schools we attended are the reflections of our social, political and academic aspirations. One of the greatest symbols of our academic pride and achievements are our class rings. These rings have changed over time from golden circles engraved with the mascots and academic symbols to golden arches topped with stones encrusted with the dominant letter representing our schools, mascots and academic symbols on the sides. When we look at these rings, we reflect upon the time period , the people who were our peers, the people who molded us and the the school community of our youth. These rings represent our big bang.

Rings of Honor

Greenville Park High School Class Ring, J. E.

Sometimes, misfortune for others create opportunities. A class ring lost by a 1966 graduate of Greenville Park High School provided the opportunity for this site to post its first high school ring with the potential of reuniting its owner with his property. The contact page can be utilized to facilitate recovery. The ring is well preserved and it is an excellent sample of high school rings of the era.

Coach Foster T. Thomas, Vernon High School, Leesville, LA

Coach Foster T. Thomas, Vernon High School, Leesville, LA, served his community and dedicated his life works to improving the life of numerous individuals. While participating in the L. I. A. L.O., his teams accomplished three Louisiana state championships in “A” football. His leadership in1969 lead to an uneventful transition. Vernon High School Alumni and the Leesville community have many fond memories of this soft spoken giant.