J. S. Clark High School, Opelousas, Louisiana

ST Landry Parish Training School

History of J. S. Clark High School


On January  1, 1918, with full realization of the need of a new high school for the education of the Negroes of Opelousas and adjacent towns, a mass meeting was called, at which time a committee was selected. The personnel of this committee were Mrs. R. Deshotels, Chairman, Mrs. G. D. Davis, Cor. Sec., Prof. J. H. Augustus, Financial Secretary.

The committee authorized Mrs. G. D. Davis, to write Miss Maggie D. Nance, State Jeans Agent and Mr. Leo M. Favrot, Supervisor of Negro Schools for aid to help build a school. Mr. Favrot advised the committee to write Dr. J. H. Dillard, Head of Julius Rosenwald fund for aid.

Dr. J. H. Dillard accepted the committee’s plea with a stipulated proviso that the amount of four hundred dollars ($400.00) be raised: this amount to be supplanted by Julius Rosenwald Fund in the amount of eight hundred dollars ($800.00). This amount was raised.

A meeting was called at which time Hon. E. D. Dubuisson was employed to draft a resolution to be presented to the School Board and Police Juror to approve the building of the school. Both the School Board and Police Juror favored the plan. This enabled the school to expand its scope and receive financial aid from the Rosenwald Fund.

Supt. W. B. Prescott and the entire School Board favored the building of a high school. The city gave the plot of ground and the School Board agreed to give a part of the old Opelousas High School. This School was named St. Landry Parish Training School.

St. Landry Parish Training School existed until 1953 when a new building was constructed at 1100 East Leo Street in Opelousas, Louisiana. The School was named in honor of Joseph Samuel Clark, the first president of Southern University and A & M College located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. School colors were maroon and white and the bulldog was the mascot. The name of the school existed from 1953 to 1969.

The school consisted of grades one(1) through twelve (12) and educated young black Americans during this segregated era of American society. For sixteen (16) years Clark students would distinguish themselves in all areas of education, athletics and showcase their mettle in 4-H clubs, agriculture, music, industrial arts, home economics, oratory and many other fields of endeavor.

Subsequently, these Clark students matriculated into institutions of higher learning and work places all over the United States and overseas. Many distinguished themselves with a competitive spirit and work ethic that made them successful assets to their respective communities. The former students of J. S. Clark High School, held a wide spectrum of occupations from laborers, teachers, doctors, attorneys, nurses, an Olympic gold medal winner to a college president., They blazed a trail that is revered the world over.

The school building still stands today(2018) under the name, Magnet Academy of Cultural Arts(MACA). The name East Junior High was the official name immediately after integration.

The Bulldog Barks!

The Dog Bites, too.

The Bulldog howls!

– J. S. Clark High School

J. S. Clark High School Graduates

All graduates of J. S. Clark High School class from 1953 until the school was closed in 1969 are included. Graduates in each class are  listed in alphabetical order.

Miss J. S. Clark (1954-1969)

 J. S. Clark High School Class Pictures

J. S. Clark High School Faculty

All  faculty of J. S. Clark High School from 1953 until the school was closed in 1969 are included.

J. S. Clark High School Memorial Walkway

A Memorial was established to celebrate significant contributions by J. S. Clark Alumni. They are no longer with us ,however, they were a significant part of the J. S. Clark community.

J.S. Clark Sports and Activities


Scene 1 includes the school Queens and their court, the various high school clubs, baseball teams, basketball teams band and cheering squads.


Scene 2 includes a large collection of football pictures, track photos, and basketball pictures.




J.S. Clark Yearbooks

J S Clark 1965 YB cover

This yearbook chronicles school activity during the 1965 school year.

Pages from St Landry Parish Training School Yearbook 1948 cover

The 1948 yearbook is the only documentation of St. Landry Parish Training School , the predecessor of J. S. Clark High School. A junior class was not included. Most high schools began 12th grade in 1949.

Be Aware of Bulldogs


J. S. Clark High School, In The News

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