Joseph Celestine High School, Mamou, Louisiana

Joseph Celestine High School, Mamou, Louisiana is the latest entree in the list of African American high schools before 1970. This is another example of the progressive attitudes towards education in the African American population in its infancy.

3 thoughts on “Joseph Celestine High School, Mamou, Louisiana

  1. The land where Joseph Celestine High School was built was donated by Author Thomas. He was huge advocate for education. He own the first African American store in the area an also donated the land where the St Paul Missionary Baptist Church still stands today.


  2. My name is Curtis Green born in Beaumont Texas now living in Houston Texas. My dad’s name is Nathaniel Green born in Beaumont Texas he is now at the age of 92 years old. His mother’s name is Dumma lee Green ( Celestine ) deceased. I believe joseph Dewey Celestine is my Great Great Grandfather. Dumma lee my grandmother spoke of her ancestry in La. , buy not much . Would like to find out more.


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