Booker T. Washington High School, Shreveport, Louisiana


Booker T. Washington High School, Shreveport, Louisiana   Booker T. Washington High School was iconic, not only for African American high schools ,but, for  all American high schools. The school’s architecture bridged the gap from the previous architecture and technologically the school soared. The Lions were positioned at the top of the hill. Their history is compelling, their exploits are sources of admiration and pride for the state of Louisiana. The Lions are still on the prowl today.

Chaneyville High School, Zachary, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish


Cheneyville High dragon

  Mythical dragons were interested in gold. The Chaneyville High School Dragons were gold seekers as well. A goal short of first place was not tenable. The Dragons were fiery fierce competitors. Their beginnings were in community churches and donations of land and money were expectations of the times. The community was very generous and the Dragons thrived. The Dragons were a proud group and they had dreams and accomplishments. This web site is enriched by the golden addition of the Chaneyville High School Dragons.

Charles H. Brown High School, Springhill, Louisiana, Webster Parish

Grabbing tiger

Charles H. Brown High School, Springhill, Louisiana, Webster Parish    Charles H. Brown High School took a conciliatory  approach to their situation. Their argument for tolerance and respect as delivered by their student government president was commendable. A proud group of youth with an accomplished record of their own could only add to another institution. The tigers held their heads high, their reality changed. They marched toward the future and their mark will be present into the future. Please review their story because it will give lessons to future generations.

Union High School, Mer Rouge, Louisiana, Morehouse Parish

dragonUnion High School, Mer Rouge, Louisiana, Morehouse Parish    The name was indicative of its origin, the united communities. The red soil, Mer Rouge, was reflected in its mascot , the red fire-breathing dragon. The school had much to cheer, much to love and they felt loved. A detailed   history  gives one the impression of a well organized and vibrant high school experience.

W. O. Boston High School, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish

W. O. Boston High School, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish, though this information is incomplete, hopefully more information regarding its history provided  by its alumni will clarify its legacy.  W. O. Boston High School was geographically situated in the state and this fact along with its early evolution  had  historical significance among Louisiana African American high schools. For a long time it was a regional cornerstone of the high school experience in Louisiana. We are eager for its alumni to help us understand its significance by providing documentation so we can visualize  the W. O. Boston High School experience.

Bringing Our History Together

In the past four months, we have obtained and posted information for 50 African American Schools in Louisiana before 1970. We thank all contributors.

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