Coach Webster Duncan, Allen High School, Oakdale, LA

Coach Webster Duncan was a motivator of young boys and girls in Oakdale, Louisiana. His roots were in Morehouse Parish at Morehouse High School where he learned the basics and received his education. This veteran returned home to bestow an everlasting impression upon young students in the Oakdale community. With assistance from his colleagues, he overcame barriers to success and his teams achieved fame in the basketball arena and, subsequently, in life. The Hornets were major players in the Louisiana Interscholastic Athletic and Literary Association State Championship competition. They obtained the Louisiana State Championship title upon two occasions and near misses on several occasions. When his team entered the basketball court, they were the team to beat.

One thought on “Coach Webster Duncan, Allen High School, Oakdale, LA

  1. As a 1969 graduate of Morehouse High School, “The Last Class Of The House,” I’m appreciative for the living historical testimonial of what the school was like just before my time there. His mother was my first grade teacher.


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