50 Years Later – Louisiana’s Black High Schools Finally Get Their Own Webpages

A couple months ago, all of the schools were linked to pdf files, which would show some history or a yearbook. You would have to scroll a 3-200 page pdf file (700 for one school – find out which one!!!) and pass through every yearbook in order to find the yearbook or picture that you really wanted to see.


Every school is now receiving a webpage!!! For many of these schools, it will be their largest presence on the web.

Though most schools ceased operation in 1970, alumni and actions toward the schools still make the news to this day and we would like to share them with you.

A video of a high school reunion making the news can’t be seen on a pdf.  A video of an alumnus protecting his school from destruction can’t be seen in a pdf. These moments can only be seen with a web page.

In the meantime,

Thank you for all the yearbooks, articles and pictures you have sent so far!!!

If you have any internet links or videos online pertaining to your schools, please send the links to us and we’ll add them to the site!!!




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