Site Changes!!!

We have received so much information over the past 3 months that we had to change the site design to make looking through the site and finding all the topics a more enjoyable experience.

The first area of change was the significant notes page.  We’ve broken down the Significant Notes Section into 3 sections.

The first section is simply titled History. This is mostly history that affects all or many of the schools.  We will continue to add original content similar to the interview with Dr. Henry Yale Harris in this section.

The second section has the high schools that have made the National Register of Historic Places.  With the addition of Tangipahoa Parish Training School Dormitory, we now have included every African American High School in the register.

We have a section on historical markers and are working on a section about Coaching Pioneers. If there are other historical markers, please tell us about it and we will include it on the site.

If you would like to recognize great coaches during your time in high school, please let us know about them. We’ve searched the web and its very difficult to find information on the Louisiana LIALO High School Coaches.  Nowadays,  its very easy to find statistics on any person who ever played a professional or collegiate sport. A simple google search will give you too much information. You can also find information about the top high school athletes and coaches in the country with ease.

Is there any information about the Coaches of the LIALO?

We’ve found information about a handful.

More Changes are on the way!!!

On that note, we would like to say, Thank you to all who have contributed so far!!!

and Happy Easter!!

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