Iberville High School, Plaquemine, LA

Iberville High mascot

                           Iberville High School History

A historic drawing from Iberville High School’s 1962 yearbook matches the buildings that still remain on the school’s campus. Iberville High School originally opened in 1935, and was in operation until 1969, when it closed due to integration. The school reopened as Iberville Elementary School, a PreK-6 Montessori School. Some of the original buildings remain, but some were demolished. New buildings, visible with the white roofs in the aerial view, were built on the campus between August 2009 and October 2010.


1935 Opened

1969(school closed -desegregation

Louisiana Interscholastic Athletic and Literary Organization governed all school activities. (LIALO).

School Records:


1957-State Champion Track and Fields (Boys)

1962-State Champion Track and Fields (Boys)

1962-State Champion Basketball (Girls)

1962-State Champion -Band

1964-State Champion Track (Boys)

1969-State Champion Basketball (Boys)


W. O. Williams-Principal 1935-1969

Ollie S. Scott-Athletic Director/Head Football Coach 1957-1969

James Peterson-Head Basketball Coach 1964-1969

Joseph Calloway-Head Track Coach-Asst. Basketball Varsity Football 1966-1969

 George Holland-Head Band Director 1955-1969