Greenville Park High School Class Ring, J. E.

Sometimes, misfortune for others create opportunities. A class ring lost by a 1966 graduate of Greenville Park High School provided the opportunity for this site to post its first high school ring with the potential of reuniting its owner with his property. The contact page can be utilized to facilitate recovery. The ring is well preserved and it is an excellent sample of high school rings of the era.

Coach Foster T. Thomas, Vernon High School, Leesville, LA

Coach Foster T. Thomas, Vernon High School, Leesville, LA, served his community and dedicated his life works to improving the life of numerous individuals. While participating in the L. I. A. L.O., his teams accomplished three Louisiana state championships in “A” football. His leadership in1969 lead to an uneventful transition. Vernon High School Alumni and the Leesville community have many fond memories of this soft spoken giant.

AAA Football Champions in Louisiana

Football was part of the fabric of the African American high school experience. There were three divisions in the LIALO classifications of schools, A, AA and AAA, based upon school population. The AAA was the largest school classification and much of the attention was directed toward their exploits. The History section of Significant Notes presents the AAA victors and and the Runner-ups with the scores of their competitions.

Coach Wilbur H. Flanagan, Charles H, Brown High School, Springhill, LA

Coach Wilbur Flanagan: The Tiger A tiger does not change its stripes, however, no one said a tiger never changes its colors. Coach Flanagan performed as a blue and white tiger at DeSoto High School, a black and gold tiger at Grambling State University and a blue and white tiger at Charles H. Brown High School. All of these tigers were fierce competitors and champions by their deeds. Regardless of their colors, the stripes remained and the legacy did not change. Finally, Grrrrr! Let’s listen to Coach Flanagan.


1928 was a remarkable year in African American high school history. Two of the earliest year books from the era, before 1970, are present on this website. The two schools representing this period with their historical documentation are McKinley High School, 1916, and McDonogh 35 High School, 1917. The Panther and the Roneagle will be part of our folklore far into the future.

additional information regarding these two institutions can be viewed on their pages.

McKinley High School

McDonogh 35 High School

McKinley Senior High School Museum Tour

The McKinley High School Alumni Center is a significant contribution to the past history of African American high school history and the present history of the African American high school experience. The staff of the Alumni Center was gracious in allowing the first video tour of The McKinley Senior High School Museum. These artifacts are emblematic of the times. Melvin Mitchell narrates a visit to the museum with a brief history of McKinley Senior High School. He tells of the importance of community involvement in recovery from a cataclysmic fire resulting in destruction of the school and the phoenix-like rebirth of one of the oldest school school buildings in African American high school history. The website presents: McKinley Senior High School Museum.