Waverly High School, Crowville, LA

Waverly High School History

The first black school for Franklin Parish was Waverly High School, formerly an all-white school. The original staff was as follows:

Mr. Edward Blunt, Principal

Mr. Thomas Brown

Mrs. Ruth Broom

Mrs. Bessie Collins

Mrs. Georgia M. Tillman, Teacher-Coach Girls Basketball

This school was officially opened to black students in 1947. In 1951, the church schools in North Franklin Parish were closed and these students attended Waverly High School. The black supervisor serving this school was Mrs. Hattie Corbin.

The original Waverly lunch room workers were Mrs. Georgia M. Rushing and Mrs. Maggie Smith .

Mr. Edward Blunt resigned, and Mr. B.J. Franklin became principal in 1963.

In 1969, with the desegregation law, Waverly High School was closed.  The students were divided between Crowville and Baskin Schools.