Thomas A. Levy High School, Rosedale, Louisiana

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“Dear Levy” 

Dearest of schools is T. A. Levy
To you our loyalty waves brightly in the sun
Blazoned and best of them all is Levy
Hail to thee all in one.
True to your colors, how proudly they wave
Wondrous green and arching pearly white
Living to honor, dying to save,
Dear T. A. Levy, our heart’s delight.
Dearest of schools is T. A. Levy,
Firm may she stand through storm and night
Strong hearts we give to rise to defend her:
always loyal through storm and night


Thomas A. Levy High School was constructed in 1953. The student body was formed by the consolidation of five schools from surrounding communities. The schools were Rosedale School, West Oak Lane Elementary School, Grosse Tete Elementary School, Lower Maringouin School and Upper Maringouin School. Rosedale School and West Oak Lane School were part of the initial consolidation. Grosse Tete Elementary School was closed in 1962 with mergers of classes, one through six grades. Upper Maringouin School continued with grades first through eighth grades until 1970. Students, upon graduation from Upper Maringouin School, merged into T.A. Levy High School at ninth grade.

West Oak Lane School was taught by Mrs. Mabel Pelichet who taught grades one through sixth in a society hall on the site of Mount Gideon Baptist Church. Mrs. Laverne Green was head teacher at Rosedale School (grades 1-8). Mrs. Edith Green was head teacher at Lower Maringouin School (grades 1-7) and Ms. Ellen Bynum was another teacher at this location. . Privies were outside.  Water was provided by a hand-held pump. Grosse Tete Elementary School was in a building behind the Old Mount Olive Church. Mr. Henry Jarvis was the head teacher at Grosse Tete Elementary School (grades 1-8) Mrs. Lula Mae Mason was the second teacher at this site. Upper Maringouin School was first headed by Mrs. Nicey Williams and in 1957 a new school was constructed and a new principal, Mr. Frank Williams became head. Later, Mr. Reginald Hollins became principal of Upper Maringouin until 1970.

Some of the teachers who taught at Upper Maringouin School were Mrs. Theresa Bell, first grade, Mrs. Dorothy Williams, second grade, Mrs. Ora Price, fourth grade, Mrs. Artelia Hall, fifth grade, Mr. John Dickerson, sixth grade, Mrs. Nicey Williams, seventh and Mrs. Marie Richardson Gray, eighth grade.

Thomas A. Levy School teachers were Louvenia L. Green, Mrs. Mabel Pelichet, Mrs. Gertrude Hayes, Mrs. Clodine Gordon, Mrs. Martha Fields, Mrs. Pearl Trent, Mr. Henry Jarvis, Mrs. Ethel Bailey, Mrs. Dorothy Williams, Mrs. Lula Mae Mason  Ms. Elma Dupree, Mrs. Sarah Davis, Mr. Emmett Follins, Mr. Joseph Trusclair, Mr. Melvin Steele, Mr. Curtis T. Trent, Mr. Clarence Ellis, Mrs. Willie Mae Askins, Reverend Theodore Scott, Mr.John Dickerson, Mr.John Hawkins, Mr. Nolan Harris, Mrs. Gloria P. Robinson, Mrs. Marion O. Brown, Mrs.Betty J. Ellis, Mrs. Myrtis Hawkins, Mrs. Margie J. Hill, Mrs Lizzie Johnese and Mrs Grace V. Zanders.


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