Chaneyville High School, Zachary, LA


Chaneyville High School by  Twentieth Century standards was considered a small school and one would not think they would have an impact upon this website. However, Dragons are known for their ambition and dominance seeking tendencies. Records are usually broken incrementally; The dragons disposed of the expected and soared to unimaginable heights. The Chaneyville High School Dragons delivered in a most dramatic fashion on September 29, 2018.  Previously  200 visitors in 24 hours was the bar for the most visitors  within 24 hours. An echo of amazement overshadowed this website on this date, 400 visitors and 650 views. Chaneyville High School accounted for 527 views. The  Dragons made us believe in the Dragons’ magical touch. Since that time there is  continuing interest in Dragon-lore on this site. We salute the Chaneyville High School Dragons for another golden record.

Chaneyville High School, Zachary, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish


Cheneyville High dragon

  Mythical dragons were interested in gold. The Chaneyville High School Dragons were gold seekers as well. A goal short of first place was not tenable. The Dragons were fiery fierce competitors. Their beginnings were in community churches and donations of land and money were expectations of the times. The community was very generous and the Dragons thrived. The Dragons were a proud group and they had dreams and accomplishments. This web site is enriched by the golden addition of the Chaneyville High School Dragons.