Central High School, Calhoun, LA

Central High Mascot

Central High School, Calhoun, LA

Central High School began in a one-room building with a dirt floor in 1886. These humble beginnings marked the hope for the African American High school in Mineral Springs, Louisiana. Education for African Americans in Louisiana required sacrifice. Following the legacy of other African American schools, land was donated: additional land was matched by the Ouachita Parish School Board. The serpentine cheers in Calhoun were then heard from the Rattlers at Calhoun. They arrived with a bang and finally in 1970 the school was demoted to an elementary school. The Rattlers are part of the legacy of people who secured their future with personal sacrifice.

Richwood High School, Monroe Louisiana, Ouachita Parish

Richwood High School

Richwood High School, Monroe Louisiana, Ouachita Parish     They were “Ram Tough” from their origins, and after a brief hiatus, they exist today. The Rams entered the football scene with competitiveness and fierceness not realized in Louisiana high school football. Their ferocity continues today. Their initial entry onto this site is their 1974 yearbook. More information regarding the Rams will be presented later.