St. Paul Baptist Church-Moorehead Public School

St. Paul Baptist Church-Moorehead Public School of Kinder, Louisiana has been added to the National Register of Historic Places portion of the website. This Allen Parish grade school never became a high school, but has been added to the site to provide details about African American education before high school.  Until the establishment of many of the high schools on this site, most education occurred in the church.  1-3 teachers would teach multiple grades in the church pews. This church provided an educational foundation for Kinder’s Carver High School. The 1919 church still stands today alongside the newer church building constructed in the 1960s.

Historical Marker

While much of the information can be found in the Register Write Up, more information can be found in through the Carver High School List of Schools by Parish page.  In many ways, the information obtained from the alumni is stronger. Only by reading the NHRP write up and the Carver High School history side by side can the reader obtain a full spectrum of the education of the Kinder, Louisiana community. The government resource provides a surface understanding of the educational developments in Kinder, Louisiana.

This accentuates the importance we place in compiling and sharing the history of African American High Schools in Louisiana.