Bringing Our History Together

In the past four months, we have obtained and posted information for 50 African American Schools in Louisiana before 1970. We thank all contributors.

There are over 150 schools remaining without a history posting on this site. If you know anyone from these schools, please contact them and introduce them to this website. If you know anyone from any unrepresented schools, please ask them to contribute information to the website.

Please tell your school’s history to the world. Alumni from our schools have made valuable contributions to the world. These schools are our story. Please share our story with future generations by contributing to the website. Your championships are our victories, your news clips are flowers representing our memories of successes. Any written documentation or photos from your school should be considered for presentation.

You can contribute by clicking on Contact and telling us about what you would like to contribute. We accept pictures, articles, and even website links to school history.

We have a special and unique history. We are the ones left to give an accurate account of our existence before 1970. This site is a means of crowd-sourcing and displaying our history. Let us show our children, their progeny and the world our proud legacy.