Princeton High School, Princeton, Louisiana

Princeton (1)

Princeton School traces its origin to an 1871 land deed by the Wesley Chapel Church. The Fillmore Colored School, Tin Top School and Cedar Grove School  were forerunners of something great. A 1919 grant by the Rosenwald Fund sealed the fate of this community project. Princeton Rosenwald School was founded and the name began to take form. A new high school was constructed in 1956 and was dedicated as the Princeton High School. The Dragons dressed in green and white and their story is historic. The Dragons’ story is similar to many other stories of African American high schools and its speaks to the determination and foresight into the perceived destinies of students who walked through Princeton High School’s doors.

Carrie Martin High School, Plain Dealing, Louisiana, Bossier Parish

Carrie Martin High School, Plain Dealing, Louisiana, Bossier Parish, had a historical path  similar to other African American high schools in Louisiana where the founder,in this case Mary Eliza Burns, was not recognized for her contributions at the level of naming the school. The school ran the usual gauntlet of oppression of the African American student body in its quest for equality in the desegregation-integration cycle. The story is compelling with an origin in religious conviction, legal remedy and perseverance triumphing over the status quo.