Myles High School, Sterlington, Louisiana

            Sterlington High School

                Myles High School History

Sterlington High School was founded in Sterlington, Louisiana in Ouachita Parish in 1925 as an elementary school by Professor E.J. Simms. Professor R. H. Myles served as teacher and principal from 1926 until 1948. Sometime between 1926 and 1948 Sterlington Elementary School became a high school between 1938 and 1942.

Mr. A. G. Facen served as principal until his retirement in 1964. Mr. Walter Slater served as principal from 1964 until the school closed in 1970.  In 1952 the Sterlington High school name was changed when the school was relocated to a new facility and the name was changed to Myles High School. The school was named after Professor R. H. Myles. The school colors were blue and gold and the school mascot was the Tiger.

The Myles High School closed in 1970 under the desegregation plan and Myles High school was closed and the students merged into the predominately white Sterlington High school that now exists in Sterlington.

This is the first year book publication for Myles High School, 1950 Year Book.

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