Mossville High School, Mossville, LA

History of Mossville High School

At the start of the 1900’s, black parents paid for their kids to go to school. Eventually, the state of Louisiana picked up the expenses. Mossville’s first school was built in the early 1900’s. In 1920, a three room building on stilts, consisting of two big rooms with a partition down the center and a coat room was erected. A Jewish philanthropist ( Julius Rosenwald ) from Chicago, donated money so schools could be built for disadvantaged children all over the nation. The school was the oldest of all Black schools in the parish. During this period, the black children received no training beyond that of the elementary level. School sessions lasted 3-4 months.
There was no high school in Mossville until 1956. Prior to this time, black students were bussed to Lake Charles to attend high school.
This marks the beginning of the “MIGHTY PIRATES”. The school was a 1st- 12th grade school. The first interim principal was a lady, ( Mrs.P.M. Washington ). Shortly after Mr. Lynn McDaniel was named principal of Mossville High School.
In spite of having to teach and students learn, from used and often torn textbooks ( handed down from the white schools ), the school excelled in their academic and athletic programs. Many Mossville Pirates went on to make a significant contribution to society. Just to name a few, the school produced students that became: doctors, lawyers, educators, bankers, nurses, spiritual leaders, plant operators, engineers,vocalist, artists, Grammy Award Finalist ( Huber”Mickey” Smith ) and more.

Mossville High School Alma Mater

Oh Mossville High, we love thee so

Our love for thee shall ever grow

We’ll fight for thee till victory is won,

Our praise shall ever more be sung.

Oh Mossville High, dear Mossville High,

Thy light shall always beam within.

Our lives shall symbolize thy fame,

Forever yours we’ll be the same.


Mossville High School 1956 Year Book

Mossville High School 1961 Year Book

Mossville High School 1962 Year Book