George Washington Carver High School, Hahnville, LA

George Washington Carver High School History

G. W. Carver High School, originally known as Hahnville Negro School, came into being because a man named Albert Cammom sued the St. Charles Parish School System due to there not being a high school in the parish for African American students. Cammom lost his job over this suit, but it did lead to the construction of both G. W. Carver High School and nearby Bethune High School in Norco, La.  When G. W. Carver High School closed during desegregation, students were integrated at the formerly all-White Hahnville High School. Michael Hahn is namesake of the town of Hahnville. He vigorously opposed slavery and made speeches in Haiti all the way to halls of Congress and owned a sugar plantation in the parish. He was ultimately elected to Congress but died shortly after his win. The former high school opened in 1952 and closed with integration in 1969 and is now being utilized as George Washington Carver Early Learning Center.