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A Concise History of the

East Feliciana Industrial Training School

East High School

East Feliciana Industrial Training School had its humble beginning in the early 1930s. This noble institute came into being out of the concern of the local black townspeople’s, belief that “children ought to have the opportunity to continue their education beyond the elementary level. “

Prior to the 1930s, children of East Feliciana had no chance for “higher education” unless their parents possessed the financial means to sponsor them at an institution in another town.

There was no high school in the Parish of East Feliciana. This unfortunate educational condition forced a few diligent townspeople to come together to remedy this situation. For them, only five months of schooling each year for their children was bad enough, but the thought of no educational enlightenment beyond the eighth grade was devastating Something had to be done.

Under the leadership of supervisor Earlene Carey, the local PTA, and several black community leaders, formed a coalition to develop plans for a local high school. This group held a series of meetings to formulate a plan to create the first black high school in East Feliciana Parish. After much hard work, a suitable strategy for a new building was agreed upon. This entire  financial and building outline for the new school was submitted to the Local School Board. The plan embodied a financial strategy which required the School Board to match the funds raised by the people of East Feliciana, “dollar for dollar. ” The School Board accepted this plan and a new building was under­ way. The new school was to be called East Feliciana Industrial Training School.

While construction for a new building was developing, the elementary student population of the parish grew markedly. Classes were moved to the Little Red School and to Mt. Zion Methodist Church. The people of East Feliciana Parish continued their ardent task of raising funds by giving plays, dances, “field days,” and “suppers.”

Finally, East Feliciana Industrial Training School opened its doors in the mid-1930s. It stood as a haven for those who wished to continue their quest for learning. The first ten graduates received their diplomas at the end of the 1939-40 school session. In 1960, East Feliciana Industrial Training School became East High School.

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