Chahta Ima High School, Lacombe, LA

                                Chahta Ima High School History

Chahta – Ima has seen many changes over the years. When the school was first built in 1953, it was called Lacombe Junior High School. In 1959, the name was changed to Rosenwald Junior High School. This name remained only until the high school was organized. In 1961, when the high school was completed, by a majority of the votes by the faculty and students, the name became “Chahta-Ima” in honor of Father Adrien Emmanual Rouquette. This name prevailed as that of a school which served predominately, the minorities whose education and well-being had been Father Roquette’s concern.

When integration was instituted in 1969, the frame building became a junior high school for the boys. The building was destroyed by fire in 1976.

When the school was rebuilt in 1977, a modern structure of brick, it became an elementary school and co-educational. Though Chahta-Ima has changed in many ways through the years, it still strives to maintain a respect for the individual which would do justice to the memory of the man whose name it honors – Father Rouquette – who was so “Choctaw – like” that he was called “Chahta-Ima”.