W. O. Boston High School, Lake Charles

W. O. Boston High School


W. O. Boston

History of W.O. Boston High School

William Oscar Boston founded First Ward Colored School in 1907. The school was the first elementary colored school in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Mr. Boston was principal of the school until 1940. He was later succeeded by Miss Mary Bell Williams. Professor Boston died in 1943. In 1949, W.O. Boston High School was constructed and named in honor of William Oscar Boston. R.C. Reynaud, was the first principal of the school.

The high school’s mascot was the PANTHER, and students were proud to acknowledge W.O. Boston High School as “Home of the Fighting Panthers. “John  J. Johnson II was the school’s second principal.

The High School’s Class of 1983 was the last graduating class of this great educational institution. In the fall of 1983, W.O. Boston High School merged with Lake Charles High School. The newly merged school was named Lake Charles-Boston High School (“Home of the Fighting Cougars”) and is currently located on the site which previously belonged to Lake Charles High School Today, the Calcasieu Parish School Board’s Curriculum & Training Center is located in the old W.O. Boston High School building.

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